Welcome to Sandar International!

We are excited to spread and share our passion for sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture.

About Us

PT Sandar International established in 2006.

Our Vision:

Providing One Stop Solution for Agro Chemical purpose.

Our Mission:

  1. To build customer trust and establish a long-term customers relationship that are mutually profitable and successful.

  2. Provide a reliable and flexible service to meet the customer's expectation.

  3. Introducing and share our care for environmentally friendly agricultural.


Organic Pesticide

Our products, Organtrin and Organimba, have been lab-tested, field-tested/demo-plotted, and certified by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. Organtrin and Organimba are specific-use organic pesticides that are as effective as non-organic agro-chemical products, but with the added benefit of not leaving any residue.


Chemical Pesticide


Field Training

we provides pesticide product knowledge training regarding work environtment health and safety on the field, for the purpose of:

  1. prevention and minimalisation of work accidents in the farm field.

  2. maintaining the health of the agriculture workers.

  3. protecting environtment by reducing chemical residues on agriculture products.


Us at SANDAR will process packaging wastes from our products, to be recycled according to regulation from Ministry of Environtment and Forestry.

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